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Benefits of Managed Print Services

Have you been forced into the laborious task of managing a fleet of printers and copiers? This job can be hectic and requires a lot of time and tedious attention. By allowing Emerald Document Imaging to manage your printing services, we can reduce costs, complexities, and strategize for the future. Consider these benefits that can be vital to your overall business.

COST SAVINGSBusinesses are always looking for new ways to save money and increase productivity. The goal is for your business technology and operations to perform the best it can each day. Emerald typically saves our customers 25-30% on their print spend and we take on the service obligation for many printer brands including HP, Lexmark, Brother, Samsung, Dell and more.

BOOST PRODUCTIVITY – The amount of time that your employees spend on printing tasks can be frustrating dealing with malfunction or toner/supply requests. Emerald Document Imaging can take this burden away from your staff with the quick ability to diagnose and identify any issues, institute automatic toner fulfillment and more.

PREDICTABLE BUDGETING – Do you know how much your employees are printing? Office printing is one of the most unregulated office expenses, with 90% of companies managing their own devices have no idea what they are spending. Our non-invasive print monitoring software measures your current print usage by device and user. Your business will get full access to reports analyzing your print environment, your current costs, along with a full inventory of print devices on your network creating a predictable monthly budget and huge savings.

REDUCE YOUR STRESS AND PRINT SPEEDAll of these features can be streamlined into a complete managed print program guaranteeing savings on toner supplies for your printer fleet. Contact us today at for a cost assessment on your spending and learn more about Managed Print Services.


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