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Do You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan?

The threat of natural disasters like fires, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes – as well as the potential of digital attacks – increases the urgency to implement a solution now and prepare for an array of risks. DocuWare protects against data loss with full backup and disaster recovery while providing the ability to control and prevent unauthorized access to confidential information. With this cost-effective solution, you can fully protect your organization.


  • Plan for quick data recovery without unanticipated expenditures

  • Achieve redundancy with DocuWare’s multiple, secure cloud backups housed in high-security Microsoft Azure data centers

  • Use a hybrid approach for on-premises solutions that mirrors your data in the cloud or off-site

  • Minimize unexpected downtime to quickly regain service continuity and team productivity

  • Effortlessly adhere to regulatory compliance measures for security, data privacy and more


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