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How We Are Supporting Essential Businesses

Our highest priority is to support you and all essential businesses in any way we can. In addition to our normal standard of service, we have evaluated the challenge that many businesses are facing at this time and created special solution packages and pricing options to keep you up and running as we work through this together.

To avoid supply chain shortages, we have taken extra steps to stay fully stocked with toner and supplies. We are offering delivery to offices and home offices to limit contact, even if our customers are working remotely.

Additionally, enrolling in our managed print services (MPS) ensures that your supply orders are fulfilled automatically and can even reduce your print supply costs by 20-30%.

In some cases, a technician is required to physically be at your equipment to service

it but many times it can be fixed remotely. To avoid unnecessary contact, our technicians can diagnose and resolve many issues by remotely accessing your machines or through phone support.

When a physical service call is needed, our technicians are fully prepared with extra safety precautions for both offices and home offices. We require that they wear masks, gloves and have hand sanitizer.

Many essential businesses have become decentralized, as some employees work on site

and some work from home. Emerald has software solutions to manage any of your printer activity from anywhere and securely scan documents to centralized cloud storage.

Offices typically require larger multifunction printers for their workloads but smaller machines are ideal for remote workers. Many businesses with remote workers resort to using consumer grade inkjet printers at home - these are slow, unreliable, and come with extremely high supply costs. Our desktop multifunction printers are compact and affordable, but can still efficiently handle a large workload, at a much lower supply cost than an inkjet printer.

No payments for 90 days on equipment and software.

Our president, Gerry Ryan, is no stranger to disruption in business. He and the Emerald team are fully committed to getting our customers through this. His message to the business community:

"I truly believe that how we interact with our employees, vendors and customers during the pandemic is crucial to emerging out of this crisis as successful as possible. The way we support each other will be a great barometer of the strength of our relationships.”

Some of our employees are going above and beyond to help our medical frontlines and local businesses. Team Emerald's Andrew Ryan and his fiancé, Sarah Reilly, recently started a GoFundMe campaign to help local healthcare workers at Southside Hospital in Bay Shore on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as support local restaurants by raising money to buy meals for hospital staff.

Please consider supporting this cause to help hospital workers and local restaurants!


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