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Keith Elgort Named Vice President at Emerald Document Imaging

Keith Elgort has joined our team as Vice President/General Manager at Emerald Document Imaging.

Keith has more than 30 years experience in the industry, dating back to 1987 with our president, Gerry Ryan. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Operations at Carr Business, a Xerox Global Imaging company, for the last twenty years.

No one could have predicted the adverse effects that the Covid-19 crisis would have on the industry and our economy overall. Keith started with us just as the government directives initiated a national shutdown. “Keith has been an incredible leader offering guidance and a steady hand in helping Emerald navigate through the pandemic. I can’t think of a better industry executive that fits the Emerald corporate culture and brings the skills and knowledge necessary to help lead our growth and evolution.” - Gerry Ryan, President of Emerald Document Imaging.

Emerald strives to fulfill our standards of “Be Good. Be Fun. Be Accountable” to both our customers and colleagues alike. This comes naturally to Keith and he easily fits the mold and is an outstanding addition to our team.

“I can’t express how excited and happy I am to be working for my friend Gerry Ryan again, but more importantly being part of a company that puts the customer first and has the ability to make immediate decisions to take care of the customers needs. Our vision for the future aligns perfectly to continue to emerge as the premier provider for your office technology requirements” says Keith Elgort.


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