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Why Wide Format?

There are often myths or hesitations when it comes to buying/leasing a wide format printer. It's large presentation can be intimidating and it may seem like a big expense, but these machines soon pay for themselves and the benefits are great for your organization.


Construction Project Savings with Wide Format Color Printing - Construction workflows that leverage color design, and construction documentation and wide format color printing provide an important means for reducing costs for traditional design-bid-build projects. Relative to the cost of color printing, the improvements in collaboration gained through reduced estimation contingencies, requests for information and change orders can readily exceed a 4:1 ratio, in which each incremental dollar invested in color printing can yield $4 in savings for a given project.

These savings are derived through the use of higher-quality color construction documentation during the estimation, bidding, and construction phases of building where collaboration extends across multiple downstream stakeholders, such as specialty subcontractors, fabricators, and suppliers.

Want to start increasing your productivity growth rate?

Using Scanned Mark-Ups in Color - Printing Construction Documents - One easy way to begin utilizing color in your technical documents and blueprints is to scan construction drawings that have been marked up in color. This method is a great starting point for those who might be skeptical about the benefits of color documentation.

Consider a set of shop drawings that needs 10 pages marked up for 5 different contractors. These would typically be printed in black-and-white and then marked up by hand with colored pencils or pens. That means 50 individual sheets, 50 slight variations, 50 time-consuming colorings at high hourly rates and 50 opportunities for error.

Speed and Productivity - Wide Format Printers have the ability to produce incredibly high quality prints with crisp text and vivid imagery. If your firm prints banners, posters, floor displays, and other large materials, this would be the right solution to speed up productivity and print as you need. Speed is one of the most important benefits of a wide format printer. Most wide-format printers can produce up to 15 large posters per hour.

Easier Access - We have all experienced a situation where we need a print done ASAP! You may have contacted your local printer for a rush order where you spent way more than you should, or they simply are unable to get it to you in time. With your own Wide Format Printer just print and go, for whatever you need!


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