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Rus' was also spelled as Wrus'). They were probably the first Slavs to colonize the territory of Eastern Europe that became Russia. Later, the Rus' were also known as Kievan Rus' (often spelled Kievan Rus') or Rus' (not to be confused with the current spelling of Russia). The Rus' formed the easternmost branch of the Slavic tribe. During the Middle Ages they formed the core of the Kievan Rus' state. Ancient sources Historical sources The ancient kingdom of Rus was located in present-day Russia and Belarus. Its history is closely connected with other Slavic groups, such as the Obotrites, Polans, Sclavenes, Bulgarians, Kievan Rus' and the Prussians. The earliest known reference to Rus is made in the Primary Chronicle. In it, the Rus are listed among the East Slavs, who are of Scandinavian stock. Their homeland is said to be along the Oka River in the White Sea region (in present-day Russia), where the river takes its source. The chronicle states that "Rurik, who was born of a father of unknown stock, won control of the land and united all the Slavs." Later, Ruthenia, a region in the north-east of the present-day Ukraine, was listed as the homeland of the Rus' by Bedřich of Prague, an 11th-century historian. Although Ruthenia had probably been colonized by the Baltic tribes before, Bedřich probably thought that it was originally Slavic, and that Ruthenia was the homeland of Rus'. By the 13th century Ruthenia became associated with the Rus', and they were called Ruthenians. One of the first known sources on Rus' was written in Latin by the Middle Ages historian Willibald of Eichstatt (early 12th century), who called them Russoi. The term was first used in the 12th century by Johannes Trithemius, who applied it to the Prussians. A number of treaties between the Eastern Orthodox Church of the Rus' and the Pope of Rome were written down by two later chroniclers, one being the 13th century John of Plano Carpini, the other being the 14th century John of Kells, which are considered to be the first written records of Rus'. Rurikids Historical linguistics Based





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RUS] [Updated] 2022

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