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Keep your documents secure and compliant


Law offices have unique requirements for printing and business tech. Anytime you connect a device to a network, you might be putting your information at risk of a security breach. Not only does Emerald provide machines with the highest security certifications from Ricoh and Canon, we support them with software that's engineered specifically for the legal industry - to keep your sensitive client data secure and to easily comply with court filing mandates such as Bates stamping.

Ricoh Cloud Workflow

Smart Integration Cloud Software by Ricoh is a software package made for the legal industry. It's designed to simplify your workflow by equipping your print device with cloud connectivity software, increase security and automatically adhere court filing mandates - no extra equipment needed.

Key Features:

  • Adhere to court filing mandates - such as Bates stamping

  • Securely scan and store client data

  • Integrate with cloud storage - Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, EMRs, etc.

  • Simplify accounts payable processes

  • Automate data entry and extraction

  • Easily access and manage files in the cloud

Production Scanning


Law offices work with paper documents more than most industries. Our customers often have rooms full of files and cabinets just to store their documents. Not only does this use up valuable space but important documents can be lost and damaged. With a production scanner, you can quickly digitize your documents and easily organize them all without tying up use of your copier or having someone spend a lot of time sorting and managing files.

  • Easily Organize, Sort and Search for Documents

  • Reduce Filing Cabinet Storage

  • Securely Backup Physical Documents

  • Enhance Security & Password Protection

  • Up to 500 Sheet Capacity

Legal - Scanner-01.png

Now is the time to upgrade


If you have an older multi-function printer, you might still be missing out on higher security and money saving features that our latest products offer. Some of these new features include:

  • More cost-effective printing

  • Lower power output

  • Mobile printing enabled

  • Cloud-based Apps

  • New security features

  • High-resolution color scanning

  • Sharper images and accurate details

Ready to upgrade your business?

Since our products and solutions are customizable to your business, the best way to find out what you need is to talk to us. Fill out this form or contact us and we'll be happy to help you find the perfect office technology - no obligations!

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