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Transforming To a “Paperless Office”

A paperless office is a concept that may seem obscure to many businesses. Although it may be hard to believe in the digital age we live in, paper and print usage is on the rise and is still expected to increase year after year. Paper takes up a lot of space – as do filing cabinets – and space to store those filing cabinets means bigger office spaces which becomes costly. Digitizing these files allows you to store all documents either on an on-premises server or in the cloud. Digital file folders in a repository require much less space than a physical records archive and reduces the risk of human error.

While the use of paper will probably never go away, it is important to always be prepared and to keep up with the ever-changing digital age of technology. Today’s technology allows for an increase in workplace efficiency when managing everyday documents and processes through automated document management.

The power of document management:

• Digitally capture and organize information with artificial intelligence, reducing human error

• Customize digital workflow automation to improve your existing businesses processes

• Generate task-based lists with email notifications for end users to stay on track

• Transparency in processes gives management teams the tool they need to make informed decisions

Due to the effects of the pandemic on the way we work, a more hybrid work style has become the norm for many workplaces. With this new partially remote workplace structure comes new challenges including:

- lack of access to everyday documents in digital forms

- the ability to securely share documents

- managing projects effectively

The Benefits for Your Business

• Increase efficiency: information at your fingertips, business can move forward from anywhere

• Transparent workflows: stay up to date on the progress so you can control your bottom line

• Remove Risk: require password protected access to certain files or workflows

• Reduce operational costs: eliminate the expense associated with handling paper

Interested in saving expenses and transforming your businesses day to day document management process? The team at Emerald Document Imaging is able to provide effective solutions for paperless environments through document management software, such as DocuWare.


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