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Long Island Business News Empowering Women Award

Emerald Document Imaging is a proud recipient of the 2023 Long Island Business News Empowering Women Award.

Overview of your company's commitment to elevating women

At Emerald we have created a corporate culture that empowers and encourages women to thrive in their careers. We have an equal opportunity office, and back our employees with the necessary tools to prosper. Traditionally, sales representatives in the technology sales field have been men which can still be a common misconception when customers are looking to purchase new technology equipment. Our team at Emerald consists of both talented women and men who each play an integral role at our company. We are committed to providing women with the confidence and skills necessary to rise to leadership roles and change the perception of copier and printer sales.

Describe the mentorship and / or professional development opportunities your company provides women.

Emerald provides training and professional development for women so they can grow in the field and rise to leadership. As a firm that does not believe in micromanagement, we would rather provide the tools and investment necessary for our employees to grow and organically desire more. We represent both Ricoh and Canon brands where we send our employees to training schools, seminars and conferences to keep up with technology advancements and standards. Our internship program encourages women in college to join our team part time and learn professional skills that will help them land full time jobs once graduated. We are actively part of women organizations such as LIBI women’s group which is encouraged for the women in our office to attend.

Describe your company's commitment to hiring and promoting women.

We are committed to hiring women and promoting from within. We utilize a summer intern program to seek out capable and talented youth who are looking to make a difference on Long Island. With a staff that is compromised of 50% women, we recognize outstanding achievements and reward those who go above and beyond. We also reward our employees for recruiting new talent. Many of the women have recruited other women to bring onboard our team which has been proven successful for our organization.

Describe how your company has worked to combat inequality, including outside philanthropic efforts and / or community endeavors.

We combat inequality by proudly highlighting the women at our firm. Each year we attend national conferences where the most notable firms in the industry get together to discuss best practices. Emerald not only brings the women of the firm to these conferences, but the women represent us as panel speakers, speaking as experts on topics. Emerald also participates in community awards, seeking to gain awareness to the women at our firm. Meg Ryan was a proud recipient of the 30 under 30 Award.


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