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Meet The Emerald Document Imaging Team - James Dominick Brady

For Emerald Document Imaging it's important that our clients know our team members and feel comfortable with who they are working with. Our team is the backbone of our business and our trusted communication with our clients has led to long lasting relationships. Get to know our team a little better, meet our senior sales representative James Brady!

James Dominick Brady

Years at Emerald: 7 years

What was your first job? I was a mate working at Captree Island (Long Island) on bluefish and fluke fishing boats. I worked for tips and got to the see the amazing ocean each day and meet new people (along with some funny fishing characters). It was a great first job and learning experience. To this day I continue to fish for fun with friends and enjoy beautiful Long Island waters.

Favorite memory at Emerald?

It's a toss up between Emerald's annual holiday party's and the last big company fishing trip!

Who inspires you? Always the underdog. People that face adversity with determination and grace along their path whether it be business or life. It is easy to quit and complain and much harder to smile and persevere through barriers.

Favorite sports team? The NY Yankees. No other baseball team has that aura and legacy of an organization. My friends from Queens, NY (NY Mets) can try and debate with me but there is no discussion. 🙂

Where was the last place you traveled to? Orlando, Florida to see my daughter compete in the US Nationals (Cheer Competition). I was once a pro-level outside football linebacker, and now I carry pom poms and deliver french-fries at competition meets. I am a proud cheer dad!

Favorite hobbies/activities include: Writing and performing music since I am 7 years old. Staying active and fit, run, bike, weights. Surfing and anything else beach oriented with my daughter Evangeline Rose.


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