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Emerald Receives Ricoh 2022 Circle of Excellence Award for 7th Year In a Row

Ricoh USA has awarded Emerald Document Imaging for our seventh consecutive year in a row, the 2022 Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award. As an authorized Ricoh dealer our service technicians strive to provide outstanding service and set the bar higher than our competitors. This past year has brought about many changes and our technicians have taken all necessary training and courses to adapt to the ever-changing technology and today’s workplace, always staying a step ahead.

At Emerald Document Imaging our service quality is the backbone of our company. Each of our customers are unique, requiring different products training, installations, and on going service to help their business run more efficiently. In every step of the process, Emerald supports businesses to ensure satisfaction and confidence needed to function in the day to day work environment.

The 2022 Ricoh Circle of Excellence Award is determined based of a strict set of Ricoh guidelines where the dealer is benchmarked against all other Ricoh service locations based on eastablished industry standards for outstanding service and support. Only the highest performing Ricoh dealers nationally achieve this award.

To achieve the RFG Circle of Excellence Award, Emerald Document Imaging has met or exceeded the following requirements after proudly submitting our regularly reviewed service metrics, training records, and other information for review by Ricoh USA:

  • Use of Genuine (OEM) Ricoh Parts and Supplies

  • Hardware & Solutions Training

  • Relevant Industry Certifications

  • Service Organization Structure

  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement Process & System

  • Effective Utilization of Ricoh Resources

  • Business Plan Management & Process Improvement


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